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Pro Wrestling Training in Florida

333 N. Falkenburg Rd.,Suite A-129,Tampa FL 33619

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Want to train to be a Professional Wrestler,Referee,manager or improve your current skills?

We train Wrestlers,Not Entertainers!

 Trust the school with a staff that has a combined 65+ years in the pro wrestling business.

You will receive hands on "Old Style Training" under head trainer Frank Reyes, a 32+ year veteran of the business alongside trainers Tony Storm,Johnny Franco,James Morrison, Mason Price and guest trainer Prince Iaukea.

FPWA Trainers

           This course is a progressive style system utilizing basic instruction in strength and  conditioning, followed by advanced instruction in the fundamentals and the finer points of Professional Style Wrestling.

Open to both Men and Women ages 16 and over.

Training Times: Wednesday starting at 6:30pm,Thursdays starting at 6:30pm and Saturdays starting at 10am.

FREE TRYOUTS By Appointment! 

        Guest Instructors have included:  Joe Malenko,Frankie "Thumper" Lancaster,Scoot Andrews,Navy Seal,Prince Iaukea

Basic Principles 
Essential Moves
Advanced Moves 
 Non Technical Skills
Developing a Ring Personality
Proper Conditioning
Counter Holds
Finishing Holds
Promo/Interview Skills
Pinning Maneuvers
Locker Room Etiquette
Timing and positioning
The Art of Self Promotion
Please be aware that each student is different and the length of your individual training will likely vary. Some students may advance more rapidly than others while some will advance more slowly; what's most important is that you invest your time, energy, and your patience to get the most out of the program. Wrestling Shoes or Wrestling Boots & Knee Pads Required, elbow pads optional but recommended.
       **For details or more information E-Mail FPWA@FWAPROWRESTLING.COM**