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Florida Wrestling Hall of Fame

Here we pay tribute to those who put Florida wrestling on the map. The men and women who paved the way for the stars of today and deserve a place in Florida wrestling history.

Mecca of Florida Wrestling

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Gordon Solie Boris Malenko Eddie Graham Hall of Fame
  Gordon Solie       Boris Malenko Eddie Graham
Hiro Matsuda Hall of fame

Hiro Matsuda

Buddy Colt Florida Hall of fame

Buddy Colt

Sherri Lee Florida Hall of Fame

Sherri Lee

Don Curtis Florida Hall of Fame

  Don Curtis

Joe Scarpa Florida Hall of Fame

Joe Scarpa

Jack Brisco Florida Hall of fame

Jack Brisco

Mike Graham Florida Hall of Fame

Mike Graham

Wahoo McDaniel Hall of Fame

Wahoo McDaniel

Dusty Rhodes Florida Hall of Fame

Dusty Rhodes
Kevin Sullivan Hall of Fame

Kevin Sullivan

Steve Keirn Hall of Fame

Steve Keirn

Brian Blair Hall of Fame

B. Brian Blair


Cowboy Ron Bass

Ron Bass



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