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Tired of trying to raise money with the same old boring car washes or bake sales?

Let The Florida Wrestling Alliance help!

We offer the unique experience of supporting your organization alongside a live FWA professional wrestling event.

The Florida Wrestling Alliance Wrestling is a family oriented wrestling promotion that provides quality fun for all ages. Many on our roster are well known throughout the state of Florida. Most of all, our goal is to simply provide fun for OUR fans.

Pro wrestling is the most popular form of fundraising and We have several ideas to fit your needs and budget. If you have dedicated members who will work hard to get the word out, the sky's the limit!

We know that raising funds to support your programs and special projects is time consuming and hard work regardless of the size of your group. We try to make your job a little easier by providing the best way profitable and lucrative for your organization.

For more information on having The Florida Wrestling Alliance help you, please contact Tony Halligan at 813-469-6374 or email us at fundraising@fwaprowrestling.com to discuss an event for you!

To have the BEST in your corner can only mean success for your event.

We look forward to making your fund-raising event 100% lucrative and successful!