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The Florida Wrestling Alliance was founded in 2015 with the belief that professional wrestling's glory days are not behind us, but they still lay ahead. We believe that old school values of respect, humbleness, and humility are not mere fairy tales, and training, REAL professional wrestling training exist. Rather than stand by and watch the business we love fade away, we decided to fight and keep it alive! And so, The Florida Wrestling Alliance and the Florida Professional Wrestling Academy were born.

We proudly joined the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body in the history of professional wrestling, in October of 2015. This relationship ended in October 2017 with the new ownership of NWA deciding to end their affiliate program, we hope to be able to rejoin the organization in the future should they restart the program.

All of our shows are family oriented and at a price everyone can afford. All of the wrestlers on our roster respect the traditional values of pro wrestling and have been professionally trained.

We will not alienate any of our potential fans with obscenities or foul language. We refuse to keep anyone in our rosters who engage the audience with rude or indecent gestures or behavior.

Welcome to The Florida Wrestling Alliance- Bringing Back True Professional Wrestling!